Distribution of reusable menstruation kit in Dhading!

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Namaste EFL & the Board members of Promis Project

A warm greeting from Nepal.

I am going to write you another beautiful journey of Dhading for distribution of reusable menstruation kit. Dhading is located within the bound of Gorkha which had been hit by mega earthquake of 2015. It took us nine hours to reach the village by jeep from kathmandu. We went to Shree Badri Bishal Secondary School which is situated GangaJamuna Rural Municipality-7, Budhathum, Dhading where 225 girls received the freedom kits (Sanitary pads, underwear, soap).

We had a small discussion program about menstruation. It was interesting to hear their stories about the period. They had known about period from their female friends, elder sister and mother at the beginning. They do not talk much about it because they feel shy as they grow in the environment where female don’t expose their problems. The good thing about this place is that the girls don’t need to go to shed in their period but girls are treated as untouchable on that time. They get confused, scared and sad in their first period. They are not allowed in kitchen, worship places and taps. They have certain area to go inside house. Although they sleep same house where their family are, they have cold night in winter.  Their Families provide them only certain clothes.

Some girls explained that they do not drink milk and curd during their period because cow is holy animal. They have to stay away from their homes several days when they get menstruate first time. Sometimes they missed their school during the period. They don’t prefer to go to school on that period because girls don’t get pads in school and they have to spend a long hour in school. There is not an open conversation about menstruation topic between students and teachers.

Although the circumstances are remained, the girls are really happy to get reusable pads. I hope their mentality will be changed through hygiene class and distribution program. They are thankful to all of you who made this possible. I personally very glad to be a part of this program to convey the message to community together we can bring the changes. Thank you Promis AS and Promis Qualify for all of your effort to make impossible is possible.

The Kits are produced by BENI Freedom Kit-Bags.

Thank you




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