Book delivery in Parbat

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Namaste  EFL and Promis Qualify

It is first library project of 2021.

It was wonderful trip of delivery books and stationeries items  to Shree Shiva Basic School, Modi Rural municipality-2, Parbat.

The teachers were delighted to receive the books for a library.  The school did not have budget for a library. The school wanted a library since long time but they could not manage the fund for it.  They had a good number of students in school before but slowly parents have taken away their children from school because of lack of facility. They hope the library will help to bring new students or parents will not take away their children from the school in future because they have a new library now and there are several knowledgeable books which will help to be enhanced students and teachers knowledge.

They are happy to be established a library by Education for life and Promis Qualify. The students are pleased to get new books and stationeries items. Teachers and students are really grateful for EFL and Promis Qualify work. The Head teacher and school family have sent their regards to EFL family. They are looking forwards to more help in future.  The school and whole community are thankful to EFL and Promis QualifyIMG_20210217_103247 IMG_20210216_133959 IMG_20210215_131706 IMG_20210216_133608 IMG_20210217_103316 IMG_20210217_130429 IMG_20210217_130525.



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