5 new libraries in Rukum East

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Dear EFL and all the board members of Promis Qualify

Greetings and Namaste from Nepal.

I am feeling very privileged to share the news that we have been able to provide 5 libraries in Rukum East, it lies in West Nepal which is a very remote area of Nepal. We were supposed to go to libraries in April but we were not able to because of the second wave of virus. We were thinking of going to libraries in September but there is news about 3rd wave and lockdown possibility, so we decided to deliver the books to schools . We checked the rain and roads in that area, we found everything was fine then we were ready to deliver the books.  It was not easy to travel in monsoon. There were several strong waterfalls to cross. The stones were falling while walking. It was an adventurous journey but finally we did it. We are glad to provide the books for schools. Mostly we did handover programs in the classroom because it was heavy raining; the schools were closed because of Covid-19.  The teacher called the nearest students for the library program.

I went to Putha Rural Municipality in Rukum in collaboration with the Karmaflights crew for the library inauguration for a week. It is one of the far destinations to go for the library project. We started our journey at 5 am on 7th August 2021. After 14 hours driving, we reached at Nayabazaar where we spent our first night after a long jeep drive. The vehicles reach until Nayabazaar. We have to walk from there to reach every school.  We woke up the next morning. After breakfast, the teachers and school staff came to bring the stuff. We distributed stuff belonging to their schools. Most schools used mules to bring the books and some schools carried themselves. There is no vehicle option after Nayabazar. People have to carry or use mules. Our journey started to walk from there. We walked about 6 hours to get to Shree Janajagriti Basic school, Mayang which was our first library to hand over to school. We could not do the second day because it was raining and it was a long day walk so we decided to do it the next morning. We went to Shree janajagriti Basic school the next morning. There were few students whose houses were nearby school and teachers. We did handover the books to school. Teachers and students were glad to receive the books because they do not have a library. The head teacher said we cannot get enough stuff or books because the schools are very far from the city in Rukum. After distribution, we went to another school, Shree Adharbhut Basic school, Gar which is 1.5 hours from Mayang. We gave books to teachers and the school management community. There were a good number of students who came for the program. Everybody was happy and thankful to Education for life and Promis Qualify.  After that we went shree Deaurali secondary school, Hukam. It took us 2.5 hours to get to school. It was raining while we were walking. The tea made us warm up at school. There were no students. We just handed over books to teachers. They will provide the picture books with students when the schools will open. They were grateful to get books. We stayed overnight in Hukam village. Next Morning, we started our journey at 7am. It was an adventurous day. It took 4 hours to reach the next school from Hukam. We had to cross a landslide path where there was a small line to walk, it was a dangerous trail, a small mistake to make fall into the river. I was thinking about how people and students go down that path. It was too dangerous. We reached the schools. There were teachers and school community people and very few students. We provided the books to them. They were very happy to receive the books.

The other group did handover books to shree Aadharbhut Basic school, Ranma. All of the 5 schools were very happy and thankful to Promis Qualify and Education for Life. All teachers and students really appreciate your wonderful help. These schools are situated in very far remote areas. The schools are still closed. There are no possible online classes. Teachers have strong feelings that the books will help students to get extra knowledge in this pandemic.

I would like to offer a huge thanks to Education for Life and Promis Qualify for providing libraries in this remote area. This is the most adventure journey I have ever done in my life but it is worth it to distribute the books there where even many of the students have not even seen a vehicle in their life. It was such an overwhelming moment to see the happy faces of unprivileged children. Thank you to the KarmaFlights crew which was not possible without their help in this monsoon.

Atlast, it is our great achievement to reach urban areas to rural areas like Rukum and hopefully many more to go in future.



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