6 new libraries February 2022

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Dolaka prosject February 2022 sponsored by Promis Qualify AS


We have returned from a 4-day trip to Dolaka were we delivered approx. 4000 books to 6 different schools. We drove up the hills and down the hills and up again on roads I’m not sure can qualify as roads.

Before departure we bought all the books in Kathmandu, stamped, and loaded them onto a jeep.

All the schools we visited had been rebuilt after the earthquake and it was nice to see. They did lack all the facilities though. One school had a library before the earthquake, but it was lost when the earthquake hit.

3 of these schools were very remote and on a high altitude. It was cold and we could see children in only flip-flops. They were from extremely poor families and live under pretty rough conditions.

The other schools were more accessible, but all students came from poor families. Some kids had lost their parents in the earthquake.

Despite all this, we were met with so much happiness and joy. They danced for and with us, had written a song for us and we were loaded with flowers. A student held a beautiful speech in English where she expresses the gratitude towards helping the students to widen their mind and bringing knowledge to the students.

In 2 of the schools, they had built bookshelves for the books. They also hoped we can fill up these shelves in the future.

I am VERY confident the books we provided will be good taken care of and increase knowledge and improve education for the students.


The greatest thank you to Promis Qualify AS and the great team we were!


Best regards Øydis Raddum


Press links to watch videos;

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