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Namaste Education for life and Promis Qualify AS

A warm greeting from Nepal!

We have established 5 libraries in 5 different schools.

 All the schools did not have books for the library before.  Some schools have very few books which are reference books. They did not have children books or out knowledge books. The teachers really wanted to have quiz books, English dictionaries, children books because the students often participate in quiz competitions and English spelling competitions but the school did not have enough material to learn for students. They have different kinds of books now. Children will read books with fun. It will motivate students to join any kind of competition in future as the teacher said.

All teachers and students are really happy to receive the books. The virus affected so much in education. The schools were closed for almost 1.5 years.  The student number dropped down last year because they couldn’t  provide online classes to students but they have hopes that they will get good numbers of students from the new session.

Small kids were so happy to stick the alphabet letter, colorful magnets on boards. The lady teachers said that the magnets and flash cards will be very helpful to teach to small kids.  Few of students of Shree Jananetra  school performed a beautiful dance for us. All teachers and students are pleased to get books and stuff. They are very thankful to EFL and Promis Qualify AS. Books are the main source of knowledge. It helps to make a better person and show the difference between good and bad. It also helps to change thoughts, the principal  added.

Thank you EFL and Promis Qualify AS for supporting the remote area schools.


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