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Heidi and Øydis have visited Promis in Oslo and talked about last years projects funded by them. We also received another 140 000,- NOK ( approx 17 000USD) to spend on new project in Western Nepal.

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Chhaupadi, the practice of banishing Hindi women during their period.  The tradition was outlawed by the Supreme Court of Nepal in 2015, but is still practised in remote areas. The girls stay in a mud hut or shed, known as “goths” for 5-7 days and are untouchable during these periods. This has huge impact on girls health, social life and education. For the next 12 months EFL will work on projects in Western Nepal, educating the girls and their villages on this topic as well as providing library books for schools in the same region.


The project will be funded by PROMIS in Norway ! We are so grateful for this contribution. Thank you ;

PROMIS ( and Promis Qualify AS (

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