2 new libraries in Nuwakot !

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EFL team is glad to deliver books during the monsoon. Two libraries have been set up in Nuwakot at this time. After 8 hrs drive by Jeep from Pokhara, we had reached a nice village of Nuwakot called Bhattagaun. The majority of the people of Tamang ( ethinic group of Nepal) live there.  This is one of district which  was badly affected by mega earthquake-2015. We had reached this place on 19th September. We had got nice welcoming hospitality there.

Shree Tindhare Secondary school was partly damaged by earthquake. They had got help for repairing class rooms from another organization. There are 450 students in school. EFL has been provided books for library. Primary level students have got stationery. They are very happy. They have sent big thank you to all donors and supporters. Teachers and students are very happy. They had only few books for small kids before but now they have books for secondary level and teacher material books too. According to teachers. It will be easy for them to teach students from now.

Shree Bageshwari Primary is small school with 86 students. The school has been received several books. All kids got stationeries item (pencil, eraser, pencil cutter, colors etc). Kids were very much happy to get it. They had celebrated this occasion as a festival.  They showed their stuff to their friend and family with happy face. According to Head teacher of there EFL is the first organization to reach there and distribute books and stationeries in this school.

Best regards Meena Karke


A special thank you to our regular library -supporters ! You monthly contribution makes this possible !

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