Skipper Clement school in Denmark

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A huge thank you to Skipper Clement School in Aalborg, Denmark for their generous contribution. Small hands in Denmark help small hands in Nepal.

Meena´s report ;


I went Nishikhola Rural Municipality in Baglung district in the collaboration with karma flights’s 3 volunteers and staff by jeep for library inauguration for 4 days. We left at 5.30am on 16th Janaurary.  After 9 hours driving, we reached in first school called Annapurna Basic School in Harpe where Teachers, student, guardians and other people were waiting for us. They greeted as very nicely with red Tika and marigold flowers. After welcome ceremony, we did handover the books to school where there are about 200 students. They were very happy. The school had only just few books, EFL project has been helped to build proper library. They are very much thankful to EFL.

On Second day, we started our journey at 7.30am. The driver has driven us 1.5 hours from Devisthan to Nisi where there is a big school called Gyanendra Secondary School with 750 student.  Teachers, students, guardian and other people arrived in school on time. Nisi village is Magar village(Magar is one of indigenous people of Nepal) Luckily we got a chance to celebrating their festival called maghesankanti which is one of big festival for them. They were celebrating 4 days there and it was beginning of the day. At the same time of inauguration the program one of parliament member of this area joined in our ceremony and he praised EFL work.

Third day, we went Shree Janapriya Basic School in Bengri. This school is situated on top of the hill. After 2 hours steep up, we reached the school. We participated in the assembly with the students.  it’s a small but beautiful school. We distributed books for 105 students. After school’s assembly, all students, teacher, guardian and president of school and other people were participated in program. We did inauguration of library with new books. The people are very happy to get the books as a donation. The principal of this school said that we do not get help enough for school cause of far away from road. It’s hard to carry everything.  After talking about the importance of the books we left from there.

Thank you so much for all the support to Skipper Clement and  EFL.  All Schools and the local committee are grateful towards to Skipper Clement and EFL.  Your every penny will count. Please keep supporting.



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