Greetings from mountains and land of Nepal

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I found a village called at Syangja District.  We have delivered books and stationery in three schools at that region. We have visited three schools named called shree Sharda Secondary and  Shree Shitala Basic school and Shree Janamat Basic School where we did  handover the all books and stationary to teachers and students.

These Schools did not have a library before. Students have only course books.  These three schools have a common problem to be sent students another school by their parents because of lack of resources in school. The Teachers and community think that if they get these kinds of help from different organization in future, students will not leave school.  The libraries will help to control the students to move somewhere else as well as the teachers and students will enjoy the books. They are very happy to receive the books.

Thank you !

Regards Mina

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