3 last libraries in 2020

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Namaste EFL & Promis Qualify

Merry Christmas & Happy New year-2021 from Nepal.

This is our last project of 2020. We are glad to finish our all library project in this year. We are happy to deliver book stuffs to those three schools which had been affected badly in mega earthquake 2015.

Those all three schools are located in north part of Nepal. It was two days journey to reach all schools. We have visited Shree Ved Vyas Basic School, Dhading first day. Teachers and all students were pleased to welcome us. They had received the stuffs with happily. Next day we visited two more schools, Shree Thanichandi Basic school and Shree Netrawati Basic school. These three schools had been damaged badly in mega earthquake 2015. The schools had lost books and other materials during the earthquake. They have new buildings now but they did not have libraries in schools. They were looking for libraries. They are really happy to have books for libraries from Education for Life. They  are  thankful to EFL and Promis Qualify.

When we have visited Shree Thanichandi Basic school. Most of students are Dalit (Low caste). They do not have proper clothes and shoes. We were wondering how they manage in winter. Families do not have enough money to provide them warm clothes for their children. The head teacher  of the school has approached for dress and warm stuffs for the kids. I hope we can do in further year.

All teacher and students wish EFL & Promis Qualify A Merry Christmas and Happy new  year-2021.  Thank you EFL and Promis Qualify  to providing wonderful books to all remote schools.



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