Distrubution of books, stationaries and schoolbags to Shree Tara Chandra Ma Bi School in Gorkha.

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3 days ago Manoj Giri and his crew went from Kathmandu to this remote and damaged village in the badly earthquake affected area in Gorkha. It was difficult to get there as roads are bad and still lack of fuel in Nepal.

Not one house was untouched by the earthquake and its destruction. Most people in the village had not even received thin-sheets for their shelters.

The school only had tarps ( plastic sheets) to cover from the wind and rain. It was cold and no where to seek warm shelter.

The team from Kathmandu reported it was tough to see the damages and the destruction these people lived under.


The school have 700 students and despite their hardship, it was up and running. They received books, stationaries and schoolbags for the value of 1700 USD.

The principal was happy for the contribution and the students very happy to receive bags and stationaries. They have literally nothing, so it meant a lot to this village.


I want to thank everybody who have made this possible. Without YOU- these pupils would not have received any books. And so many more schools are waiting for help……


Ready to distribute.


Receiving a schoolbag is a big thing when you have nothing.


No walls to cover from the cold winter weather.

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Broken homes.


A little boy with his new bag.


Thanks to the crew from Kathmandu !

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