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Yesterday Education For Life, Nepal received a donation of 750 USD from Jessica Hegarty , Australia.

She tells this ;

” I experienced both earthquakes and all the aftershocks when I was in Nepal last year and wanted to help somehow, so when I came home I sold lots of Nepali items, as well as had Dahl Baht nights where friends donated money in return for my version of a Nepali meal. I also had lots of family and friends who just heard about what I was doing and decided to donate. I was happy that this was spreading awareness about the ongoing struggles in Nepal and that we were able to raise money to go towards a good cause!”

She generously donated her funds towards buying books in Nepal. 

Its amazing what difference we can do together and what a single human being are able to achieve!

Thank you so much, Jessica !

We will post out pictures when books have been distributed. FullSizeRender



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