Book delivery to 2 schools far west in Nepal

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EFL reached in far west to deliver library stuffs two schools last week. Shree Kalika Primary School and Shree Baba Even Primary School.

These two schools are about 600 kms in south west from Pokhara.

There are majority of Tharu people. Tharu people are an ethnic indigenous of the Terai.

Both schools are most flood affected areas. The headteacher of kalika Primary School said that we have to close school more often in monsoon time because the flood comes inside the school and we are unable to teach students. They keep the stuff in the tin boxes and boxes go in high place.

We were glad to receive the books, stationeries and sport stuffs.

One of teacher said that EFL is the first organization that visited our place and distributed school stuffs in here. We got help from district level and few Organizations for preventing flood because our area is highly affected flood but EFL helped us to giving valuable books and other stuffs which will be helpful to teachers and students.

I am very pleased to deliver books and other stuff in far west region because they had no books in school. Teachers, students and guardians seemed very happy. They stared at the  books as  hunger stares at food. They are thankful to EFL.

Meena Karki, Nepal

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