3 schools in Gorkha receives books and furnitures thanks to Promis !

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Namaste !!

This is my third time to visit Gorkha. They have somehow better situation than before (mega-earthquake) but still they need help to build the schools and build the libraries. I am glad that Promis Project is with EFL for supporting books in Gorkha area. Children were very happy and excited to seeing books. It was touchable moment while they were holding books and whispering each other with cute smile. Total of 340 students received books and furniture !

Thank you Promis project and EFL for your generosity helping for needy kids.

All teacher and students are thankful to you.




This is the first stage in what we have called The Promise project. Promis have granted EFL with 140 000 NOK. We will supply schoolbooks and furnitures to 11 schools in the Gorkha region.

Shree Saurapani Memorial Basic school;

DSCF5956 DSCF5980 DSCF5981 DSCF5986 DSCF5989


Ulajung Basic School;

DSCF5847 DSCF5856 DSCF5862 DSCF5865 DSCF5873 DSCF5909 DSCF5923


Shree Saptakanya Primary School;

DSCF5749 DSCF5808 DSCF5819 DSCF5829


Making of furnitures ;

DSCF5731 DSCF5725


Thank you !


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