Phase 2 of the Promis – project in Gorkha

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Meena has been out and delivered books and furnitures to 3 schools in Gorkha thanks to Promis and  Promis Qualify.

Meena writes;

1) Shree Jalamukhi Primary school is located in Saurpani Village Development Council ward 1 in north Gorkha . It was founded in the year 1976 as a result of hard work by the education lovers of the community. The school runs from class nursery to class five with 85 kids most of who come from underprivileged and lower caste communities. The school building with 7 permanent classrooms was completely shattered in one go by the devastating earthquake of April 2015. Luckily the earthquake happened on Saturday noon time when the school kids were not in the school but 100% settlements collapsed resulting many death casualties both in humans and livestock. The first few weeks of earthquake were very difficult and quite uncertain as we were not sure if we could run the schools soon and if we could come to normal life. Finally we had to open our schools in mid-May, 2015 without having any classrooms nor did we have school supplies for the children. Luckily, we got support from a Pokhara based NGO called Karma Flights organization who helped them to make Temporary Learning Centers and providing school supplies. Now, we have almost finished a 5 roomed new building with the support of Jesuits organization and recently we also have received a library project with one book corner i9n each classroom and lots of interesting books to read support of Education For Life . Now we feel safe as the kids feel edited and parents are very happy. Thank you E4L and Promis project for supporting with library project!! We are also helping our neighboring school Janahakti Primary School by letting them use our library for reading for their children.

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2) Shree Muldevi Primary school, saurpani-4, Gorkha is located on the bottom of Saurpani VDC in Huddikhola stream. This school was founded to help send the Dalit, the so called lower caste children. The community here is extremely poor and has to work on someone else’s land as tenants to feed themselves and their kids. Due to the illiteracy and lack of awareness, they even have many children in the family.

The School infrastructure was totally destroyed during the earthquake of Gorkha Epicenter in April, 2015. Children were totally traumatized to lost their school and family. Three children even lost their family members. Karmaflights Organization helped to make TLC in our school and provided educational supplies for all 83 children here immediately after the earthquake to make better environment for our children for coming to school and consoled the parents. Almost after two years of earthquake, our school has been rebuilt as safe place for the kids. We are grateful to E4L and Promis Project for providing us with library facilities. We have got 5 book corners and sufficient books for the children & the community here.

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3) Shree Akala Primary School, Swara,Gorkha is located in North Gorkha in Swara DVC. Being right in the middle of earthquake epicenter of April 25th, 2015 is located in one of the least developed region of Gorkha and resided by most of ethnic communities like Gurung, Baram, Tamang and BK, the school was completely devastated in the earthquake. The school even lost one of its students and parents in the earthquake. We lived in dilemma for a long time about reconstruction of our school, finally the kind hearted donors and locals have helped to build the safe, tall and strong school now. And one of the classrooms has been developed as a library recently thanks to Education for Life and Promis Project. Now the reading and teaching has started and children parents have been filled up with hope and safety.

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