Renuka Karke, Meena Karke and Øydis Raddum Wikmark founded Education for life, Nepal in March 2013.

The main goal at that point was to establish a library in the home village for the Karke sisters.

We  brought 200 English fiction books to the remote village in the west of Nepal from Dubai.


When visiting we experienced the total lack of fiction and textbooks. There was literally no equipment at all.
The school requested more books in Nepali.

In June 2013 the first shipment of Nepali schoolbooks was sent to Devisthan.

And the first library was officially open;


From June 2013 the project grew and today we have over 50 libraries across Nepal.

We have raised money during the years from different sales of handmade Nepali products such as carpets, wool ornaments and scarfs in Norway and Dubai.

Greenfield Community School in Dubai was highly involved in rising money from Øydis`s time in Dubai.

Our donators;

Friends in Norway, Dubai, US and Australia.

Monthly donators.

Maridalen Rotary club, Norway., Norway

Borre ungdomsskole, Norway

Promis, Norway

In 2015 Education for life, Nepal was registered in Norway as a non- profit organisation.

Øydis Raddum Wikmark is the director of board. The board consist of 3 board members; Kristin Gramstad, Erika, Tysse and Heidi Røsjø Tobiassen.

In Nepal Meena Karke and Renuka Karke  work for EFL.